Rehab Assistants

“Throughout my time working both as a carer and as a clinician I have always found that thorough assessments, clearly defined goals and well-trained carers are the backbone of effective therapy. Many of my therapeutic successes would not have been so without the support of some exceptional carers and it is my goal to ensure that all our carers have the knowledge and skills to provide care that enables an individual to complete activities that are meaningful to them.”

Rob Warren, Clinical Director of Stanford Wellbeing

At Stanford Wellbeing we see care input as an integral part of the Therapy process, however, there are times when specific intervention is required to help a person progress further and faster.

Rehabilitation Assistants

It is common practice in the NHS and Social care to utilise skilled unqualified staff to continue rehabilitation programmes, this is due to the cost and number of Therapists available. A clinician (Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or Speech and Language therapist) assesses and develops a programme that can be implemented by a rehabilitation assistant to continue. These highly trained and skilled assistants can then provide intervention on a greater frequency but at a fraction of the cost, giving the service more input for their money.

At Stanford Wellbeing we have extended this service to the independent sector; Stanford Wellbeing has employed a small team of Rehabilitation Assistants who have skills and experience in Education, Fitness, Mental Wellbeing and Complementary Therapies. 

With their skills and experience combined with Stanford Wellbeing’s Assistant training programme, the Rehabilitation Assistants can support and deliver Therapy led treatment at the same cost as a carer. This enables people to receive a higher level of input and provides flexibility of intervention to Therapists.

Our Rehabilitation Assistants have skills and experience in providing:

  • Mobility and Transfer Practice
  • Passive and Active exercise programmes
  • Guided Cognitive exercises
  • Guided Activity based intervention
  • Guided Voice and Speech exercises
  • Guided Community Re-integration

For further information regarding Stanford Wellbeing’s OT services please do not hesitate to contact via:

Telephone 01702 526 939