Role of Social Worker:

The role of the social worker is to complete the initial care needs assessment of each customer, the unique skill of a social worker is to assess in greater depth the needs of an individual in the context of their overall wellbeing.

The social worker will not only address personal care needs and social wellbeing in the home, but they will assess the customers wider care needs including their socialisation and community integration.

The importance of socialisation and community integration is often overlooked particularly for people with complex care needs. The social worker will be able to work with the customer and their immediate support network to develop a bespoke care plan that will enable them to maximise their daily functional skills level.

The social worker has key links with statutory services and the voluntary sector as well as the third sector, so they will be able to direct and signpost the customer to additional support in the community as well as ensuring that the package of care developed by Stanford Wellbeing is the best intervention possible.

The social worker leads the team of carers and ensures that the carers providing intervention from Stanford Wellbeing are skilled and experienced to provide the level of care required. In addition to this the social worker will complete regular care reviews and update reports on all aspects of the customers wellbeing.

Role of the Occupational Therapist:

The OT will complete specialist environmental assessments for each customer to ensure that the physical environment in the customers home is conducive to their needs. The OT will make recommendations regarding equipment and adaptions to the property that might aid function or care of the customer.

The OT will also provide specialist training to Stanford Wellbeing carers and informal carers regarding the use of specialist equipment of interventions that would maximise the function of the customer. In addition to this the OT will also provide equipment reviews and link with statutory services and the private sector when issues arise.

Finally, the OT will provide the initial care training for all Stanford Wellbeing care staff including manual Handling, Basic Life Support and personal care skills (including hoisting). The OT will then provide ongoing specialist training regarding condition management utilising a training programme called foundation for applied care. This training will be provided on a weekly basis and is monitored through continual assessment and review of all care staff.

Profile of Care Staff:

The carers at Stanford wellbeing are highly trained professional carers, they are extensively trained individuals whose goal is to provide excellent empowering care to their customers. The carers at Stanford Wellbeing receive regular specialist training to assist in their goals and will work closely with all professionals and the customers team to ensure the wellbeing of the customer whenever they provide intervention.