Stanford Wellbeing – The Empowering Care Company

Stanford Wellbeing

The Empowering Care Company

Our Mission is to provide high quality empowering specialist care to residents of the Southend Area who experience neurological illness or injury.

High quality care is about highly trained staff who have knowledge and skills beyond the minimum standard of the care certificate
To ensure each customer is valued for their skills and not viewed by their impairments alone
To ensure that each customer is provided the opportunity to achieve as much as they can within a day, regardless of level or number of impairments

To utilize the local community as much as possible to maintain integration and value for money for all our customers


Through continuous training and evaluation of staff and interventions this ensures the high quality of care every customer deserves


Using excellent communication and frequent scheduled reviews all parties are well informed of the goals of the care package and are able to engage within the care plan effectively.

Stanford Wellbeing is the only specialist care company for people with neurological illness or injury in the Southend area.

We can provide specialist Social worker and Occupational Therapy assessments as standard for each care assessment, which will enable a better detailed and more effective care plan.

The intervention of both clinicians also ensures the high quality of the care through regular scheduled reviews and bespoke care training for all involved in a person’s care.

Care services cannot give years to life, but high-quality care can give life to years.

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