Who we are

Stanford Wellbeing is a Leigh-on-Sea (Essex) based specialist care company that provides both personal care and companionship to any adult with a neurological illness or injury in the Southend and surrounding areas.

Stanford Wellbeing was born out of a frustration by two clinical professionals who found that care services focussed on what an individual could not do rather establishing a balance between an individual’s skills and difficulties.

Stanford Wellbeing is owned and run by a Senior Social Worker and Consultant Occupational Therapist who between them have over 50 years of experience in the NHS and social care. In that time, both clinicians have observed excellent care and inadequate care and there is an intrinsic understanding that good empowering care is the foundation for positive therapeutic outcomes, the maintenance of health and enabling a person to establish a sense of Wellbeing.

For this reason, Stanford Wellbeing has developed a care team that is highly skilled in working with people who have complex needs and, it is because of this high level of skill, the team are able to maximise a individuals skills and even assist with therapy and maintenance intervention to minimise the impact of their needs, illness or disability.

Meet the Team

Julie Warren

Senior Social Worker
Managing Director Stanford Wellbeing

My name is Julie and I started working in Social Care in 1993, my first role was as a carer for Adults with physical disabilities in a day centre in Southend. From that experience I found that care services would be the career for me, and I remained in Social Care services until 2018.

 I qualified as a Social worker in 1998 and progressed to become both a Senior Social Worker and team Manager, in my time within Social Care I have had the privilege of working with, Adults and Children with Physical Disabilities, Adults with Learning difficulties, Adults and children with challenging behaviour, Children in Need and Adults and Children with Mental health difficulties.

Throughout my career I have always maintained that good care and experienced skilled carers can have the biggest impact on a person’s life, through my work in Stanford Wellbeing, my goals are always to continue that and ensure that a person is empowered to feel valued in their own home and community.

Rob Warren

Consultant Occupational Therapist
Clinical Director Stanford Wellbeing

My name is Rob and I started as a carer for adults with Physical disabilities in 1992 since then I have enjoyed a 20-year career in Social Care and the NHS working as an Occupational Therapist. My career was predominately working with people who had experienced neurological injuries including stroke, brain injury and chronic progressive conditions. However, in that time I have also had the opportunity to work with people who experience dementia and complex musculoskeletal injuries or illness.

I left the NHS in 2012, where I was lead consultant for stroke and neurology services for south west Essex and moved into the private sector. I initially worked as an independent occupational therapist providing specialist assessments and rehabilitation to individuals and charities (SSAFA and Headway Essex), I then became the Clinical director for an Occupational Therapy company providing intervention for people who experienced severe and catastrophic injuries.

Throughout my time working both as a carer and as a clinician I have always found that thorough assessments, clearly defined goals and well-trained carers are the backbone of effective therapy. Many of my therapeutic successes would not have been so without the support of some exceptional carers and it is my goal to ensure that all our carers have the knowledge and skills to provide care that enables an individual to complete activities that are meaningful to them.

Our services cannot put years to a person’s life but through excellent care we can put life to years.

Company Statement

Stanford Wellbeing has brought back the old social care format that worked, where a team of highly skilled professionals worked with an individual to ensure that they could maintain their safety and Wellbeing in their home and to effectively integrate within their local community.

The focus of this team was to empower an individual to maximise the activities that they were able to do and feel supported completing the tasks they struggled with or required support for.

Stanford Wellbeing has a social worker and occupational therapist who will be able to provide specialist assessments and design bespoke care packages. This care is then delivered by highly skilled carers who will respect and empower the individual. These care packages will enable an individual to maximise their daily activity which, in-turn, will enhance their Wellbeing.